51st Anniversary GALA

The Korean Community Services of Metropolitan New York is honored to host this gala, signifying the commencement of another 50-year period of unity and growth within our evolving community. As a multifaceted social service organization, our core mission is to guide community members towards a lifestyle marked by health, productivity, and stability through our specialized social service initiatives. In contemplating our historical successes and current challenges, our chosen theme, ‘Building Bridges for a Better Tomorrow,’ highlights our dedication to crafting a future that exceeds our previous accomplishments. This theme represents our commitment to enhancing connectivity, fostering mutual understanding, and promoting solidarity.




Hwan Yoon Chung & Suh Kyung Yoon

Karen & Samuel Choi


Chris Chung

Anne and Eugene Kim

Oasis Foundation

Chon Family Foundation INC


Catherina Park

Veronica & Frank Oh

Kan Yapp

Nick Winter & Seong Chun


Julia & Stephen Rushmore
New York Senior Medical Group IPA, INC. 

Tiger Baron Foundation, INC

Special Thanks
Jae Soon Lee
Sang Park
Vision Care
Kandel & SonJihee Yoo
Jihee Yoo
Give Chances
InLight Risk Management

April 11, 2024, at 6:00 pm
Ziegfeld Ballroom
141 W 54th St

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