Beautification Day: A Cleaner Oakland Gardens

Beautification Day: A Cleaner Oakland Gardens

A Community Effort

On March 19th, our Workforce Development Department teamed up with AmeriCorps older adult volunteers for a Beautification Day in Oakland Gardens. Together, we set out to give the commercial hub a much-needed facelift. It was a day of hard work, collaboration, and community spirit. Our combined efforts focused on clearing the streets of litter, including cigarette butts and trash, to create a cleaner, more welcoming environment for everyone.

The Impact of Teamwork

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of both the volunteers and our staff, Oakland Gardens now enjoys cleaner streets and a refreshed look. This project not only improved the area’s appearance but also strengthened the sense of community and pride among residents. Such initiatives demonstrate the positive impact we can achieve when we come together for a common goal. We look forward to organizing and participating in more events like this, contributing to the well-being and beauty of our neighborhoods.  Watch our Beautification Day video here

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