Joyous Moments at the 35th Annual Parents’ Day Festival

Joyous Moments at the 35th Annual Parents’ Day Festival

Celebrating Parental Devotion

At the KCS Bayside Center, our 35th Annual Parents’ Day Festival unfolded spectacularly. Over 1,000 attendees came, celebrating parents’ tireless care. Activities, from traditional games to interactive workshops and local performances, captivated everyone. Delicious, culturally diverse foods delighted attendees. Notable guests, including NY State Senator John C. Liu, Congresswoman Grace Meng, Council Members Linda Lee, Sandra Ung, Julie Won, and Assembly Members Edward C. Braunstein and Nily Rozic, shared heartfelt messages.

Strengthening Community Bonds

Their speeches emphasized parents’ crucial role in maintaining and promoting community values. Throughout the day, laughter, music, and shared stories filled the atmosphere, deepening communal ties. This festival, reinforcing our commitment to supporting parents, showcased the foundational role they play in our lives. As we look forward to future celebrations, we remain dedicated to honoring and supporting our parents, the pillars of wisdom and guidance in our community.

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