Celebrating Culinary Creativity at the K-Food Festival

Celebrating Culinary Creativity at the K-Food Festival

A Taste of Korea’s Rich Culinary Heritage

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the K-Food Festival hosted by Korean Community Services! Students from Bayside High School immersed themselves in the rich flavors of Korean cuisine, skillfully preparing traditional dishes such as kimchi and kimbap. This hands-on experience not only introduced them to Korea’s diverse food culture but also allowed them to actively engage in the culinary arts.

Capturing Moments of Cultural Pride

The festival was more than just a cooking event; it was a celebration of cultural pride and creativity. Attendees also enjoyed capturing their experiences at the Magic Mirror photo booth, where they donned traditional Hanbok and took home memorable snapshots. The enthusiasm and energy you brought to the festival truly made it a remarkable day for everyone involved. Thank you for making it a genuinely special occasion!

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