A Cultural Celebration: Children’s Day at KCS Bayside

A Cultural Celebration: Children’s Day at KCS Bayside

A Journey Through Korean Traditions

KCS Bayside came alive with the joyous celebration of Children’s Day, hosting 120 enthusiastic students from PS 32 School. The event was a vibrant tribute to Korean culture, featuring traditional toys and games that offered a hands-on experience of Korea’s rich heritage. The children immersed themselves in activities that spanned centuries, learning about and enjoying the customs that have been cherished and passed down through generations.

Feasting and Festivities

In addition to the cultural exploration, the students were treated to a feast of authentic Korean dishes, allowing them to savor the flavors that are integral to Korean celebrations. The day was filled with laughter and learning, with each child taking home a special goodie bag, ensuring the spirit of Children’s Day continued beyond our event. Here’s to nurturing young minds and honoring traditions that bridge generations—today’s celebration was a testament to the vibrant, educational community spirit that KCS fosters.

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