Honoring Legacy and Valor: KCS Celebrates Yu Gwan-Sun Day

Honoring Legacy and Valor: KCS Celebrates Yu Gwan-Sun Day

A Day of Remembrance and Pride

On a memorable day, March 2nd, KCS proudly hosted an event marking the 5th anniversary of “Yu Gwan-Sun Day,” a day recognized by the state of New York since 2019. This day commemorates the centennial of the March 1st Movement, paying tribute to Yu Gwan-Sun’s indomitable spirit in her fight for national independence. The gathering aimed to inspire the Korean-American youth, instilling in them the values of courage and patriotism that Yu Gwan-Sun epitomized. The event saw participation from local leaders, community members, and around 100 enthusiastic youths, all gathered to honor a key figure in Korean history.

Empowering Women’s Legacy in March

The timing of the event in March, designated as Women’s History Month in the U.S., added deeper resonance to the celebration. It served as a poignant reminder of Yu Gwan-Sun’s significant role in advocating for freedom and her pivotal place within Korean heritage. Esteemed guests such as Pastor Jang Chul-Woo and representatives from the New York State Senate, Assembly, and city council were present to convey their tributes. The event was further embellished with cultural performances by the Long Island Youth Orchestra, the Yedam Korean Traditional Music Mission Team, and the talented dancer Lee Song-Hee, all contributing to a day of meaningful reflection and spirited celebration.

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