Impactful Support: KCS’s CACF Food Pantry Success

Impactful Support: KCS’s CACF Food Pantry Success

Community Nourishment and Support

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable turnout at our recent CACF food pantry distribution events, where 685 community members received essential nutritional support. A total of 1,370 boxes containing instant rice and Korean oxtail soup were distributed, highlighting our commitment to addressing food insecurity and ensuring community well-being. The success of these events reflects the strong sense of solidarity and support within our community.

Expanding Our Reach

Building on this momentum, we are excited to prepare for our next distribution phase, aiming to deliver another 630 boxes to individuals and families in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. These efforts are part of our ongoing mission to provide meaningful assistance and foster community resilience. Keep an eye on our updates as we continue to expand our outreach and touch more lives in the metropolitan area.

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