KCS Hosts Oakland Gardens Merchant Association Meeting

KCS Hosts Oakland Gardens Merchant Association Meeting

Fostering Local Collaboration

On Tuesday, April 30th, KCS Workforce Development took a significant step in strengthening community ties by hosting the fourth Oakland Gardens Merchant Association meeting. This gathering brought together approximately 15 local small business owners from Oakland Gardens, each keen on shaping their community’s business landscape. The main focus of the meeting was to discuss the logistics and opportunities of the upcoming Street Fair scheduled for June 1st, which promises to be a vibrant showcase of local entrepreneurship and community spirit.

Building a Collective Vision

The meeting also marked an important development in community collaboration—the establishment of the Oakland Gardens Merchant Association. This new association aims to provide a structured platform for local businesses to unite, share resources, and address collective challenges. By coming together in this way, Oakland Gardens’ business owners are laying the groundwork for sustained local growth and a stronger communal identity, ensuring that the neighborhood thrives economically and socially.

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