KCS Joins Mayor Eric Adams’ AAPI Heritage Celebration

KCS Joins Mayor Eric Adams’ AAPI Heritage Celebration

An Evening at Gracie Mansion

Yesterday, KCS attended a wonderful evening at Gracie Mansion hosted by NYC Mayor Eric Adams. The event was a joyous occasion celebrating AAPI heritage, bringing together friends, colleagues, and elected leaders in a spirit of unity and recognition. The elegant setting of Gracie Mansion added to the festive atmosphere, making the evening a memorable one for all attendees.

Building Connections and Celebrating Heritage

We enjoyed connecting with various community members, fostering relationships that strengthen our collective efforts in supporting the AAPI community. The celebration highlighted the importance of our heritage and the contributions of the AAPI community to the vibrant tapestry of New York City. This event underscored the significance of unity and appreciation for the diverse cultures that enrich our society.

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