KCS Workforce Development Celebrates Grant Award Ceremony

KCS Workforce Development Celebrates Grant Award Ceremony

Opening the Doors to Digital Opportunities

On Monday, April 29th, KCS Workforce Development proudly hosted the Citizens Philanthropic Foundation Grant Award Ceremony. This pivotal event celebrated a significant milestone—receiving our first grant funding from New Jersey. This funding is specifically aimed at empowering small business owners in Bergen County by helping them establish a robust online presence and enhance their digital marketing skills. The initiative marks a crucial step in fostering local economic growth and supporting our community’s entrepreneurial spirit.

Enhancing Impact Through Collaboration

The ceremony was graced with the presence of distinguished guests from Citizens Philanthropic Foundation, including Danny Lee, the District Manager, and Alex Hong, the Fort Lee Branch Manager. Their participation underscores the strong partnership between KCS Workforce Development and Citizens, highlighting a shared commitment to community development and success. This collaboration not only brings resources and expertise to Bergen County’s small businesses but also strengthens the foundation for their future success in the digital world.

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