Our Trip to the Mandala Lab

Our Trip to the Mandala Lab

A New Perspective on Mindfulness

This past Saturday marked a special culmination of our first AAPI Youth Mental Health Book Club at KCS Mental Health Clinic. The group took an enriching trip to the Rubin Museum’s Mandala Lab, an experience that beautifully intertwined with our ongoing discussions about mental health and self-reflection. The interactive exhibits at the Mandala Lab provided a vivid exploration of mindfulness and the healing arts, enhancing our understanding and appreciation of the techniques we’ve discussed.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

We extend our heartfelt thanks to all the participants whose engagement made this book club profoundly meaningful. Your thoughtful insights and willingness to explore deep topics have enriched our sessions immeasurably. Excited by the success of this initiative, we are eager to introduce more enriching programs. Stay tuned for what’s coming next at KCS!

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