Empowering Communities: PHRC’s Two-Year Collaboration Journey

Empowering Communities: PHRC’s Two-Year Collaboration Journey

Fostering Community Resilience Through Collaboration

For the past two years, PHRC has been at the forefront of community support, forming impactful partnerships with the Queens Museum and La Jornada. This dynamic collaboration has positioned PHRC as a crucial resource for addressing COVID-19 prevention and screening community needs. The collective efforts have not only provided essential services but also strengthened community resilience, creating a powerful network for support.

A Testament to Success: PHRC at the Food Pantry Closing Ceremony

The PHRC West Queens team had the honor of attending the closing ceremony of the food pantry program—an event that symbolized the culmination of dedicated efforts. In sharing insights about the fruitful partnership, the team highlighted the positive outcomes achieved through collaboration. The presence and supportive words of Assemblywoman Catalina Cruz added to the significance of the occasion, underscoring the impact of united efforts in building a stronger, more resilient community.

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