Strengthening Mental Health: KCS Workshop on Identity-Based Stress

Strengthening Mental Health: KCS Workshop on Identity-Based Stress

Effective Strategies for Resilience

The KCS Associate Board recently spearheaded a dynamic workshop focused on navigating identity-based stress and building resilience. This session was expertly led by Dr. Adam Gonzalez, Founding Director of the Mind Body Clinical Research Center at Stony Brook University Hospital, and Joanne Kim, M.S., a Clinical Psychology Doctoral Intern at Stony Brook University Consortium. Together, they provided valuable insights and practical strategies to help participants challenge cognitive distortions and reinforce their personal values, enhancing their mental health and resilience.

A Night of Empowerment

We extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who participated in this workshop. Your engagement and eagerness to learn made the night truly impactful. The discussions and exercises conducted have not only empowered individuals but have also strengthened our community’s understanding of mental health. We are grateful for your contributions and look forward to continuing these important conversations in our future events.

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