Strengthening Ties: KCS Supports US-Korea Partnership Act

Strengthening Ties: KCS Supports US-Korea Partnership Act

Advocating for Enhanced Bilateral Relations

KCS recently aligned with prominent leaders from the Korean American community to support a significant legislative initiative spearheaded by Congressman Tom Suozzi. He has formally reached out to President Biden with a letter that champions the strengthening of US-South Korea relations and backs H.R. 2827, the Partner with Korea Act. This legislative proposal is designed to deepen economic ties and enhance national security through increased cooperation between American and Korean businesses.

Securing Economic and National Interests

The Partner with Korea Act comes at a crucial time, addressing the escalating geopolitical challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. By advocating for this act, KCS is participating in a broader effort to safeguard and enhance the prosperity of both nations. The act aims to leverage the high skill levels and diverse capabilities of the Korean workforce, thereby boosting both economies and reinforcing security against regional threats.

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