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Computer Classes

We offer a fee-for-service computer class, taught in Korean. Signups are available for 3 different courses: beginner level classes, intermediate level classes, and smartphone classes. Each class will have a maximum of 6 students, first come first served. The classes are for a span of 10 weeks, for 2 hour sessions each, for $240. For more information, please contact: (929) 341-9047. Our classes have been formulated to be easy to follow, with comprehensive lesson plans supplemented with interactive learning.

For more information, please contact

Basic course

  1. Learn Windows 10/11
  2. Internet Startup / Utilization
  3. File and folder management
  4. Start Google Docs
  5. E-mail Creation / Utilization

Smartphone class

  1. Card making/using a smart app
  2. Video production/ Using Google app

Intermediate class

  1. Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint

  2. Google applications (Google documents/photos/maps/slides/sheets)

  3. YouTube Channel/Video Edit/Video Upload

  4. Understanding and Utilizing Photoscape/Photoshop

  5. Email creation/utilization


    Our deadline for accepting clients is TBD, for more information, please contact:
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