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Gerstner Fund

KCS has partnered with UNH (United Neighborhood Houses) to provide emergency aid for rental arrears to applicants facing eviction or housing instability. Other emergency aid cases that will be considered are medical procedures, buying baby clothes and supplies, etc. Each application will be considered on a case by case basis. We will stop accepting applications on 12/30/2023.

*The maximum amount of aid we can offer to any applicant is $3,000.


-Applicant must demonstrate financial stability after receiving assistance, and acknowledge that the financial aid will resolve their original issue (risk of housing instability, etc). Examples of proof include: pay stub from employer that shows that their pay exceeds their rent, in the case of an applicant who receives aid for rental payments. 


For English, please contact: 

For Korean, please contact:

-If you require assistance with any of these programs, please contact: 

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