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NYC Benefits

KCS has partnered with The Research Foundation of the City University of New York (RFCUNY), the Deputy Mayor for Strategic Initiatives (DMSI), and the Human Resources Administration (HRA). Nevertheless, to enable easier access to the multitude of benefits available to those in need. Under the NYCBenefits program, we aim to ensure that all New Yorkers in need and eligible for a service are aware of the services available to them, that those services are accessible to them, that those individuals complete enrollment, and stay enrolled in those services. The services KCS offers help with under the NYCBenefits program are: 

For more information about the programs below, call 929-341-9273 or e-mail for Spanish and English, for Korean and English, or for Korean.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly known as “food stamps”) provides food assistance for nearly 1.8 million low-income New Yorkers including families, people who are aging and people with disabilities. The program helps families and individuals supplement the cost of their diet with nutritious foods.
All Cash Assistance and SNAP applicants that have been approved for benefits will receive an EBT card in the mail. If your EBT card has not yet arrived, you can go to the Brooklyn OTC site for your permanent card, or one of seven open center locations for a temporary card that will have all benefits available until the EBT card arrives.

Required Documents/Eligibility Guide:

  1. Proof of Identity: Must be established and documented for the person making the application. Documents Needed: Photo I.D., Driver's License, U.S. Passport, Naturalization Certificate, Hospital/Doctor's Records, Adoption Papers, Birth Certificate, Voter Registration Card. 

    *Any of these documents that lists the person's date of birth can also be used to verify Age. In addition, a U.S. Passport or Naturalization Certificate can also be used to verify citizenship if we ask you for proof. 

  2. Residence: Must prove that each person who is applying for SNAP benefits resides at the address listed on the application. Documents Needed: Current lease, Current rent receipt listing name and address of renter, Statement from the Landlord or Primary Tenant, Mortgage Records, School Records. 

    *If a statement from the Landlord or Primary Tenant lists all the household members, it can also be used to document Household Composition.

  3. Household Composition/Size: Must provide verification of how many persons reside in the household. Documents Needed: Statement from Non-Relative Landlord, Statement from Community Organization, Statement from Non-Household Member.
    *Statement should contain the names of all persons in the household and can also be used to prove
  4. Age: Must provide verification of age for all persons applying for SNAP benefits. Documents Needed: Birth Certificate, Baptismal Certificate.  *A birth certificate can also be used to establish and document Identity and Citizenship status.
  5. Social Security Number: Must provide a Social Security number for each person in your household who is applying for SNAP benefits, or proof that one has been applied for. Documents Needed: Social Security Card, Official correspondence from the Social Security Administration (SSA).

    *If you give us the Social Security number for each person in your household, you do not need to provide a Social Security card.

  6. Citizenship: Citizenship must be documented only if it is questionable. Documents Needed: Birth Certificate, Hospital Records, U.S. Passport, Military Service Records, Naturalization Certificate. 

    *Birth certificates, hospital records, U.S. Passport and Naturalization Certificate can also be used to prove identity and age.

  7. Immigration Status: Immigration status must be documented for noncitizens applying for SNAP benefits. Documents Needed: USCIS Documentation (for example, a green card, stamped visa), Evidence of continuous residence in the U.S. since prior to 1/1/72.
  8. Earned Income: If any of the household members applying for SNAP benefits are employed, the gross earnings (before any deductions), frequency and number of hours worked must be documented. Documents Needed: Current pay stubs, Pay envelopes, Letter from employer listing gross earnings, frequency, and number of hours worked, Current income tax returns, If self employed – records and related materials concerning earnings and expenses.

    *You should verify the income you received in the last 30 days.

  9. Unearned Income: If any of the household members applying for SNAP benefits are in receipt of unearned income, the type of income, amount, and frequency must be documented. Documents Needed: Statement from Family Court, Current Award letter, Official correspondence from SSA, Official correspondence from the Veterans Administration, Current benefit check or stub, Statement from bank or credit union, Statement from person providing support, Unemployment Insurance Benefit (UIB) statement.

    *If you or someone in your household is in receipt of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) no verification of SSI is required.

  10. Resources: Resources do not affect the eligibility of most households applying for SNAP benefits. However, some resource information is used to determine if you qualify for expedited processing of your SNAP application. Documents Needed: Current bank or credit union records, Stock/bond certificate, Statement from financial institution, Burial plot agreement or deed, Property deed and/or appraisal, Life insurance, Vehicle registration/title. 

    *If you have resources but are not sure whether or not you are required to verify them, provide the verification. If you are required to verify resources, we will not have to wait in order to make an eligibility decision.

  11. Disabled/ Incapacitated: Documents Needed: Current SSA/SSI benefits statement, Signed and dated letter from Doctor or Medical professional, including a contact phone number.
  12. Referral: Documents Needed: Signed and dated letter or statement from provider of treatment with contact phone number, hours, and days of treatment, Signed and dated letter from employment service program, including contact person and phone number.
  13. School Attendance: Affects work registration and earnings of children under 18. Documents Needed: Current School records (report card or school letter), W-700E School Attendance Verification Letter, Letter or current school records from a College, University, or Institution of Higher Learning.
  14. Shelter and/or Utility Expenses: Documents Needed: Current rent receipt, Current lease, Mortgage book/records, Property and school tax records, Landlord statement, Sewer and water bills, Homeowner's insurance records, Fuel bills, Non-heating utility bills, Telephone bills. 

    *As long as a household can establish that they have a shelter expense, credit for paying rent/mortgage and/or utilities will be given even if the household is not currently keeping up with the payments.

  15. Medical Bills: This is only for elderly or disabled persons who incur this expense. Documents Needed: Copies of medical bills (paid and unpaid), Provider statement of health Insurance Premiums, Medicare Prescription Drug Card.

    *This refers to medical expenses that persons pay for out-of-pocket. Do not include documentation for any bills that are paid or supposed to be paid by someone not in the household.

  16. Health Insurance: Documents Needed: Insurance Policy or Insurance Card, Statement from insurance provider of coverage, including health insurance premium, Medicare award letter.
  17. Dependent Care Cost/ Other Expenses: Court order, Statement from day care center or other child care provider, Statement from aide or attendant, Canceled checks or receipts.

Unemployment Insurance

To qualify for Unemployment Insurance benefits, you must have worked and earned enough wages in covered employment. In New York State, employers pay contributions that fund Unemployment Insurance. By law, the unemployment insurance program provides benefits to people who:

  • Have enough employment to establish a claim
  • Have lost employment through no fault of their own
  • Are ready, willing, and able to work and
  • Are actively seeking work

If you worked in New York State within the last 18 months, you have the right to apply for benefits.

You may be eligible for benefits if:

  • You lost your job due to lack of work
  • The temporary or seasonal employment ended
  • Your job was eliminated
  • There was an involuntary reduction in force
  • The company downsized or shut down
  • The company restructured or reorganized
  • There was a lack of company operating funds/orders
  • You were out of work for any other business reason that you did not choose or control
  • Your employer discharged or fired you because you could not meet their performance or production standards, or their qualifications for the job

Necessary Documents

  • Your Social Security number

  • Your driver license or Motor Vehicle ID card number (if you have either one)

  • Your complete mailing address and zip code

  • A phone number where you can be reached from 8 am - 5 pm, Monday –Friday

  • Your Alien Registration card number (if you are not a U.S. Citizen and have a card)

  • Names and addresses of all your employers for the last 18 months, including those in other states

  • Employer Registration number or Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) of your most recent employer (FEIN is on your W-2 forms)

  • Your copies of forms SF8 and SF50, if you were a federal employee

  • Your most recent separation form (DD 214), for military service

  • You can file a claim without all of these documents. However, missing information can delay your first payment.


KCS is available for help to anyone navigating the application process. For more information, contact the front desk

Fair Fares NYC

Fair Fares NYC is a City program created to help New Yorkers with low incomes manage their transportation costs. Using the Fair Fares NYC MetroCard, eligible New York City residents receive a 50% discount on subway and eligible bus fares. Pay-per-Ride, weekly unlimited, and monthly unlimited options are all available. Fair Fares can also provide 50% off MTA Access-A-Ride paratransit trips. Pay-Per-Ride, 7-Day (Weekly) and 30-Day (Monthly) Unlimited Ride options are all available for those using the Fair Fares MetroCard on subways and eligible buses. Access-A-Ride customers do not use a Fair Fares NYC MetroCard; their discount is applied automatically to their Access-A-Ride trips once their Fair Fares and Access-A-Ride accounts are linked.


If you are a New York City resident, you may be eligible for Fair Fares NYC if you:

  • Are between (and including) the ages of 18 and 64, and
  • Are in a household that meets the income guidelines listed below:
Persons in household
Maximum Annual Income
$ 14,580
$ 19,720
  • Are not receiving (or are not eligible for) full carfare from the Department of Social Services/Human Resources Administration (DSS/HRA) or any other NYC agency, and
  • If choosing the Fair Fares NYC subway and bus discount, are not currently participating or eligible to participate in any other transportation discount program **
    ** If choosing the Access-A-Ride discount, you may still be eligible for the Fair Fares NYC discount even if you receive a discount (or free rides) on subways and buses from the MTA.
    You may be asked to provide documents to verify your identity, age, residency, and income.
    Fair Fares NYC will not ask about immigration status or record any information about immigration status.

the Cooling Assistance Benefit

Cooling Assistance benefits are provided on a first come, first served basis to eligible applicants from May 1 to August 31, 2023.

The benefit is worth:

  • up to $800 for a window, portable air conditioner, or fan

  • up to $1,000 for an existing wall sleeve unit

  • The benefit covers:

  • the cost of the air conditioner or fan

  • administrative costs

  • labor

  • program support

  • materials

  • removal of your old unit

  • minor repairs that are needed to safely install the new unit


  • You’re eligible for HEAP or already get HEAP benefits.

  • Your household has at least one of these:
    at least one person with a documented medical condition that is exacerbated by extreme heat. This must be verified in writing by a physician, physician assistant, or nurse practitioner
  • Someone age 60 or older
  • Children under age 6
  • Someone in your household is a U.S. Citizen or has satisfactory immigration status.
  • You do not have a working air conditioner or the one you have is at least five years old.
  • You did not get a HEAP-funded air conditioner in the last five years.

One of these:


  • You get SNAP benefits, Temporary Assistance (TA), or Code A Supplemental Security Income (SSI Living Alone).

  • You’re getting a Regular HEAP benefit of $21 or more in the current program year and live in government subsidized housing (like NYCHA or Section 8) with heat included in your rent.

  • Your household’s gross monthly income is at or below the guidelines in this table:

Household Size
Maximum Gross Monthly Income for 2022-2023

Documents Needed

Proof of residence (where you live)

Provide one of the following:

  • Current rent receipt with name and address of tenant and landlord or lease with name and address
  • Water, sewage, or tax bill
  • Homeowner’s/Renter’s Insurance Policy
  • Utility bill
  • Mortgage payment books/receipts with address

Proof of your income

Provide one of the following:

  • Pay stubs for the most recent four (4) weeks

  • Business records for the most recent (3) months OR filed federal tax return for the current year, including all applicable schedules if self-employed or receiving rental income

  • Child support or alimony/spousal support order or check

  • Interest/Bank/Dividend or Tax Statement

  • Statement from roomer/boarder

  • Copy of award letter or official correspondence for one of the following:
    -Social Security/Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
    -Veteran’s Benefits
    -Worker’s Compensation/Disability
    -Unemployment Insurance Benefits

Proof of Identity

Provide one of the following:

  • Driver’s License

  • Photo ID

  • US Passport or Naturalization Certificate

  • Adoption Papers, Hospital or Doctor’s Records

  • School Records

Or provide two of the following:

  • Birth Certificate or Baptismal certificate
  • Validated Social Security Card
  • Statement from another person

Documents Needed

Proof of social security

Provide a valid Social Security Number for household members that have a Social Security Number.

Proof of medical condition

You do not need to give medical documentation if there is someone in the household that is 60 years or older, or under age 6.

If you have a household member with a medical condition that is made worse by heat, provide medical documentation that clearly states the medical condition. The document must:

  • be issued in writing
  • be signed by a physician, physician’s assistant, or a nurse practitioner
  • be dated within the past 12 months.
    - Documentation older than 12 months may be used if it gives enough information to show that the medical condition is chronic. For example, Chronic Pulmonary Disease (COPD).
    - If you’re having trouble getting documentation, you can attest that your household has someone with a medical condition made worse by extreme heat.

Tax Services

KCS’ Workforce Department has offered free tax filing services for the past 3 years. We have successfully filed 365 tax returns for 2022.
Eligibility is determined on a case by case basis, but general eligibility requirements include:

  1. Must not have invested in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency in the past year
  2. Must not be a homeowner or own property overseas
  3. Must have a valid driver’s license or non driver’s state issued ID by the DMV as identification
  4. We accept clients who wish to file as single, head of household, and married filing jointly, but NOT for married filing separately.


    *priority will be given to low income clients
    For further inquiries, please email
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